How deep is your practice?

A lot of life situation happened to test our patience and of course for us to know how far is our spiritual practice. We are always mentioned that life is impermanence and in actual fact are we actually ready to accept impermanence of life. How is our reaction when we are facing impermanence of life?

While we were enjoying our Happy Sunday, to relax and refresh ourselves at home, we received a call from our father this noon and mentioned that he hit the divider in shopping mall, the car was damaged and can’t start the engine. Immediately, my sister asked him calmly, “Are you okie?, “Are you hitting anyone?”. Luckily, My father said only car was damaged and he was fine.

Immediately, we went to the shopping mall only 5 minutes from our house. Great that my parent were fine and only the car was in bad shaped. My father mentioned that he can’t see the low divider, he just bang on it. We brought our parent home and left the car in car park while finding the best solution to solve the unexpected situation.

We contacted our insurance agent to check the details on how to handle the situation. We called our car service specialist to check on the next step too. My sister behaved in such a calm and peace even though her car was damaged and it caused so much inconvenience to her as no transport to work. She just focused on present moment, what is the best solution to resolve everything.

So blessed that only car damaged...

So blessed that only car damaged…

There are meaningless to keep thinking on “how to go to work?”, “Why this happen?”, “Why so bad luck?” or even start the blaming process…

Thanks to the spiritual practice and we can accept impermanence in open mind and immediately we look for the best solution and count our blessings as nothing happen to our parent and also not causing any injury to others. I respect the coolness  and calmness of my lovely sister.

Let’s continue to walk your path in peace and calm. No matter, how challenging is the situation, you’ll still react in peace and calm. Meaningless to cause panic, create anger, tension, stress to yourself and others life. Never wait for anything happen then only you start your spiritual journey, why not be ready in advance?


2 responses to “How deep is your practice?

  1. I’m so sorry your sister’s car was damaged, but very relieved your father wasn’t hurt. I hope the car can be repaired quickly and without much expense, and your sister finds an efficient way to work in the meantime.

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