A fruitful life journey…

Whenever people pasty my house, they might look at my green plant.

Whenever people pasty my house, they might look at my green plant.

During my recent break, I spent time to make little transformation in my front garden. I trim my plant, rearrange and also put on the white and black pebbles and some garden concrete. Its look more refreshing and good for eyes as soothing green colour.

I am truly happy to look at my front garden before I leave home for work and also when I am home, it’s really relaxing and welcoming when I look at the beautiful green colour plus the neat environment. Its give peacefulness and calm to your life. Sometimes, my lovely cats also love to take a walk and rest at this small garden.

I love green!

I love green! I hope you enjoy to be surrounded by green plant too.

It’s really great that this little green plant also bring a breath of freshness and a moment of calmness to my neighbours as they’ll look at the green plant when they pass by my house. Besides, this little garden also offer “home and food” for little insect and other beings. Little transformation bring so much happiness to surrounding. Nature will never disappoint us.

Everything is changing in life, always make little transformation to benefit yourself and also others. Let’s make our life journey a fruitful one!

Yes, you can!


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