You are never fully dressed without a smile!

How profound! Are you smiling?

How profound! Are you smiling?

We are easily to be influenced by this materialistic world. Some of us, we might think that in order to look good, we need to take great care on our clothing, accessories, branded watches, handbag, shoes, belt, follow the latest fashion and for ladies, we love to put up skin care, make-up, nail polishes, hairdo and others beauty products.

We might spend so much time to take our external, and forget that to have good external radiant, we need to spend time to look inward too.

Have you pay any attention to your diet?

Are you eating healthy?

Are you feeding your body and mind with right food?

Are you doing exercise?

Are you practice meditation? The best nutrient to your mind.

Nothing can last long for external beauty. However, if you continue to be diligent in   your spiritual practice, you are going to gradually enhance your loving kindness, patience, gentle, generosity, peacefulness, calm, happiness and other positive vibes. You are going to shine your positivity to people surrounding even though you don’t wear any make up or dress up follow the latest fashion. People love to hang around comfortably with you.

One important and simple gesture to further enhance your external beauty, remember to smile always! You are definitely look awesome with your big smile.

I love this sentence:” You are never fully dressed without a smile!”

Smile always! Happy weekend!


8 responses to “You are never fully dressed without a smile!

  1. Every day I try to find something to smile about. It’s thankfully easy with a loving family and delightful children.

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