Good deal?

Are you tempted so much to pluck the flowers? Why not observe the beauty of flowers?

Are you tempted so much to pluck the flowers? Why not observe the beauty of flowers?

What is your reaction when you are looking at product with great offer? Perhaps discount up to 50%, 75% , 80%? Comes with premium gifts or bundle sales?

Are you easily to be influenced to get the deal?

Are you try to convince yourself that you need the items?

Are you thinking that you must grab the deal as you can save more?

Are you consider to buy even though you don’t need the items but can’t resist as the price is too attractive?

Have you ever figure out why your mind is easily being influenced by offer, sales or discount? The main reason is “Greed”, you just want to grab it and never want to miss the ” great opportunity”. Why not change to another perspective of thinking? Imagine, if you don’t need the items and because of discount, you buy. Are you actually taking out your money to get products that you don’t need.

Is it consider as “Saving” or “Spending”?

Recently, I saw many of my friends being “Attracted” by great offer and their mind can’t be in peace as keep thinking the reason to buy even though they know they don’t need the items. They are suffering greatly for to buy and not to buy. Why are we making ourselves not in peace?

In future, before you make any decision to buy items during sales, kindly ask yourself whether you need or you want or you don’t want to let go the great deal or its worth to buy?

Don’t be emotional and be rational when you make any purchase. Through out the spiritual practice, I am only buy whatever I need and not what I want, no matter how much discount of the items that I don’t need. It’ll never move my heart to buy it.

Always remember all items are using the resources from mother of earth, the more you buy the not needed items, the more resources gone and also generate more pollutions to this beautiful world.




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