Beautiful story …

Keep walking when you are on the right path! Be diligent!

Keep walking when you are on the right path! Be diligent!

Do you participate in any voluntary job?

Are you a happy volunteer?

We’ve learned so many beautiful stories that we heard and witness during our voluntary work. All this good stories inspired and motivate us to be a good person.

After the chanting session in monastery, one of the young lady approached my sister as she was the volunteer to check on the location of hotel. My sister was not sure and she checked with me. The young lady shared with us that she can’t key in the hotel address to get a “Grab car” and she need to walk back to the hotel, estimated time about 20 minutes. We are so concerned that it’s a late night and definitely not safe for her to walk alone. As such, I volunteered to send her back to hotel after we off duty even though I am not sure where is the hotel but can use navigator.

Along the journey, She shared with us that she came from outstation and she wanted to join this chanting session. What she did was she took a flight from outstation, then travel by train, monorail, bus and also walking before she was able to get to our monastery. When she arrived in monastery, the chanting session  almost end. However, She is still happy and as she can make it possible. We respect for her strong determination and faith. What a great lesson to remind ourselves to have faith and strong determination in whatever we are doing. Never give up halfway, the success just in front of us.

Today, one of the question being asked to our teacher was “How to be peace in deathbed?” My teacher mentioned “To enjoy the peacefulness in death-bed, we need to continuously our spiritual practice. It’s hard to be “Peace” in death moment if we don’t practice diligently. We are not able to let go and holding tightly on strong identity, then how to die in peace?

Its coincidence that a great reminder on be diligent in our practice, develop inner strength and go along with the flow of life. Keep walking in peace and happiness!




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