Great lessons from sickness…

Feed our body with food which can nourish us and not keep feeding "Poison" to our body in the name of "delicious", "Tasty", "yummy". Are you ready to bear the consequences?

Feed our body with food which can nourish us and not keep feeding “Poison” to our body in the name of “delicious”, “Tasty”, “yummy”. Are you ready to bear the consequences?

Recently, I changed to macrobiotic diet. I pay attention to the food I am eating. With this diet, I am constantly purified myself and my body become cleaner and healthier.  However, sometimes I also pampered myself with the “Kacang Putih”, “Indian Snack”, it’s not healthy food as frying.

Recently in a very rare occasion, I went out with my friends to dine out in local hawkers stall. It has been more than many years that I never take any meal at hawker stall. I had some fried food and other local vegetarian delights. All this food are rich in aroma and tasty. I knew it added a lot of flavouring, preservatives and most important the oil using in cooking might be recycled for many times. Immediately, after the meal, I had a sore throat. I knew that my body was giving signal to me that I took “Poison and toxic” in and the immune system need to start work immediately to protect my health.

The next day, I had bad headache, it lasted for few days and situation getting worst, I had flu and follow by fever. I knew that my immune system is fighting hard for my recover. I believed in natural healing, as such I give good rest to my body without taking any drugs, antibiotic or any medicines. The most powerful weapon we had is our immune system, we must feed our body with right food to support our immune system to win the battle.

The heeling process took one week. I am blessed that I follow right diet, so my immune system working perfectly well. Once I am taking any “wrong and unhealthy food”, it’ll assume as toxin and did it best to reject out from my body. As such, this can help to reduce accumulative of toxin in body. Imagine, if our body is keep collecting all this “Toxin”, one day, it might become lump, tumor and it might turn out to be cancer too.

It further reminded me that things will never happen for no reason. Sickness happened is not because we are unlucky. The main reason is we never pay attention to our health and we are too busy and ignore the signal of our body. And people love to say, its genetic. Once you change your food intake, you are free from your “genetic”.

Strengthen your immune system with plenty of green vegetables, raw organic ingredients from nature like seeds, grains, seaweed, beans, mushroom and others. Most important, have faith that your body will recover by itself once you provide the right environment.

One of my realisation is when you are sick, nothing much you can do except take a good rest. You feel so tired, restless and no energy to do anything. As such, health is the greatest gift in your life! Treasure it before you lose it!




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