keep questioning…

During weekend, I’ll wake up early to prepare healthy organic vegetarian breakfast cum lunch for my family.  Cooking is like a piece of art, how do you put the right ingredient at the right time, to get the best nutrient to nourish our body and mind.  “You are what you eat.” , It’s so profound. When you are having wrong food, your body will definitely give you signal. Its depend whether you are realise or not, whether you are listening to your body.

Why not listen to your body after your meal? You’ll know what is the best food to your body and mind.  If you are meat eater, Why not take a try to observe the changes of your body after taking a meal with vegetables or meat? How do you feel? You know the best answer. Are you tired, sleepy, restless, discomfort, body aching and others. How about your emotional? Are you in peace, calm, anger, stress, tension and others? Food is definitely affecting our mind.

Recently, I read articles on the Yulin Dog meat festival in China, I am extremely sad as why are we need to take our “loyal and best friend” life? Do you think we need to eat the “dog meat” to survive? Is it the only food we can have? Is it your need or your want? Have you ever ask yourself, “Why do you need to eat meat?”, “Where is the meat come from?”, “Who are losing their life?”, “Are they in pain?”, “Are they suffer?”, “What is the purpose of my life?”, “Am I bringing happiness or suffering to other beings?”

Think about it, if you are not going to support the festival, there is no demand and definitely there’ll be no supply soon. Our animal friends life is on our hand, Why not love them instead of harm them? We can easily access to so much information now, check out the health blog, you know the best answer whether can you live well without eating meat.

I would like to share my testimonial, I am a vegetarian for almost 6 years-I live well, I am happy and I am healthier than before. You can live pretty well as a vegetarian! Nothing lacking in your body if you eat the right diet. Most important, you are actually releasing life of our animal friends as you are not eating them.

Animal friends get closer to us after we become vegetarian. Perhaps they can sense our loving kindness and no body odour of meat.

Look at Miss Si SI, she is so cute, she can understand our language, she warm and full of love. Why are we harming such a sweet being?

Look at Miss Si SI, she is so cute, she can understand our language, she is warm and full of love. How can we harming such a sweet being? Love them! I see equality and oneness in us!







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