Health is the greatest gift!

A bowl of Organic brown rice with Organic millet, give me ultimate happiness! I am blessed! It give great nutrient to my body and mind!

A bowl of Organic brown rice with Organic millet, give me ultimate happiness! I am blessed! It give great nutrient to my body and mind!

Do you put priority to your food intake?

Are you aware that whatever you are eating is going to affect your body and also your mind?

A healthy diet will give you a healthy body and also a healthy mind.

My teacher keeps on asking us to observe the changes of our thought after food intake. Are you become more peace or more angry after your meal? Are you satisfy or you want more food? Are you sleepy? Are you tired? Are you energetic? Are you hungry easily after your meal? Are you discomfort after taking meal? Are you craving strongly on dessert?

A lot of times, we never pay attention and also listen to our body. We’ll only know how to pamper our senses with continuously feeding “poison” to our body without much realisation. Some might even said, “Life is short, why should I bother?” “I just want to indulge myself with good and tasty food.” “Why are you paying so high price for organic food?” “It might not be organic. Are you sure?”

Our ignorance might gradually “kill” and “shorten” our life span without realisation. The worst part is we are keep regretting if we get sick. My friend shared with me that her mom doesn’t like to do home cooking and since young, she dine-out with her parent. As such, her health condition also no good as taking too much food with high flavour, white flour, white sugar, high salt intake, fried stuffs, preservative, chemical, pesticides, hormone and others. She decided to do her home cooking occasionally and share the home-cook food with her family. However, her mum not appreciating her cooking as too natural and her mum only love the “Strong flavouring” as her taste bud being damaged by taking too much unhealthy food. How sad!

Recently, I change to macrobiotic diet, I can feel the changes of my body. Initially,  I am assuming my vegetarian diet is healthy. However, this is only perception and in reality, What I know is so limited. I am willing to learn, practice and most important to continuously follow the diet plan and I am enjoying the great improvement of my health. I am more peace and calm, always happy, be gratitude and counting my blessing. Food will definitely affect your emotional stability and if you want to meditate well, remember to eat the right food too.

“Health is the greatest gift!” By Buddha

Why not give this beautiful gift to yourself, family and friends? Eat right & eat healthy!

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