What am I leave behind?

What are your thought when you are looking at this photo?

What are your thought when you are looking at this photo?

Yesterday, When I stopped at the traffic light, I saw the body of dog was decaying at the roadside. It reminded me that what else we leave behind beside our decaying body? Am I  live my life to fullest? Am I shining kind virtues to surrounding? Am I giving good example as a Buddhist? Am I follow the teaching of our great teacher, The Buddha? Am I bringing benefit or harm to surrounding? Am I bringing happiness suffering to surrounding? Am I shine out positive vibes or negative vibes?

We live in this beautiful world for a very short period of time, say 80, 90 or even 100 years. Think about it, if you deduct out your sleeping time, eating, drinking, toilet, working, chatting and others. How many hours you are with yourself? It’s seriously very less… Why not give priority to look inward instead of always being influenced by invisible external chain which effect the stability of our emotional, always up, down, sad, angry, disappointed, jealous and others.

You are the master of your life, you are the painter of your life. Whether your life is full of colourful, black and white, grey or any colour, it’s all depend on you.

Your life, Your choice!

Remember to leave behind kind virtues, positive vibes and a leading good example of life which able to give positive impact and benefit to other’s life.

Let’s your life be blossom like a tree which bear so many good fruits to let others to enjoy! Awesome!



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