Can you live life simple?

I always look at the lifestyle of Little Black, he own nothing yet he is so happy! No burden of life!

I always look at the life of Little Black, he own nothing yet he is so happy! No burden of life! Don’t ever let your belonging to tie you up until you can breath freely! 

Most of the times, it’s easy to talk instead of to execute and implement.

We always mention that live life simple. Are we actually follow and also practice?

Have you ever question yourself how much stuffs you need in life? Have you ever figure out how much stuffs actually you are keeping and also storing?

Is it what you want or need?

Why not open up your cabinet and check out how much stuffs you actually “want” as compared to your “need”? How many pairs of shoes, shirts, dress, handbag, fashion accessories, stationary, cooking utensils, plates, ties and others?

Why not take a photo on what you own? Always check out the photo of your collection before making next purchase. Gradually, you’ll realise how much stuffs actually you need in life and how much “wastage” you are generated.

Imagine, for those “wastage stuffs” in life, you can actually donate that amount of money to help and bring happiness to cheer up other’s life. Instead of just store up unnecessary, why not bring more smiles to others? Make use and maximise the value of money, by helping others, you are the one who gain the most… The more you let go, the more happiness you are enjoying.

Today, One of my friend shared with me that her uncle passed away suddenly as he was single. As such, my friend need to help to settle his funeral and also to clean up his room and belonging. She was so impressed and surprised that what a simple life that his uncle was practising. There was nothing much to tidy up and she completed her task so fast. She was so grateful for his uncle.  He left behind a beautiful lesson for her to learn, “Live life simple” and a great reminder for her to think twice before making next purchase.

She shared with me that if she passed away now, how messy are her belonging and for sure, she’ll bring so much trouble to her family members to do packing. She want to change her life and also live life simple to enjoy the ultimate freedom of life.

You are happy and you don’t need any external stuffs to make you more happy. This is your true nature. Think about, how many times that children actually smiles as compare dot adults? You can always be children again!



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