positive vibes…

Let's light up your surrounding by giving your positive vibes.

Let’s light up your surrounding by giving your positive vibes.

Sometimes,we might assume pollution only cause by our physical action, e.g. never practice recycle, reuse and reduce, not practicing car pool, heavily use of electricity, strong meat-eating, simply throw rubbish, never prepare own container for takeaway food, overly shopping- buy things that you don’t need, and based on your want only.

However, we might overlook that our thoughts also pollute the environment when we are in stress, tension, angry, disappointed, keep complaining and others. We are sending the negative vibes to pollute our surrounding. Even though, you can’t see it, in reality, it’s happened.

Think about it, do you love to hang around with people who are hot-tempered, always angry, stress, tension, keep complaining?  I believe your action is you want to escape from this situation. You might also realise that the more you spend time in such environment, you feel so tired and restless, your energy being drained off.

How about when you hang around with a person who is always happy, smiling, positive, friendly, do you want to runaway or you want to stay longer? The answer is so simple. A person with good smile, happy faces will send out positive vibes to the surrounding and people just want to get closer to them.

Which group of person you want to be? Do you want to release positive or negative vibes to surrounding? Let’s do our best to achieve zero pollution by releasing positive vibes to surrounding! Let’s do it and make this world a better place to stay!

We can! Just by a simple smile, you are releasing so much positive vibes! Do it!



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