Miss Si Si, We love you so much…

Two months ago, We bought a gift to Miss Si Si and Miss San San, we hope they can play with each others as they are great sister and we just want them to be happy. We never assemble the gift as our lovely cat, Miss Mimi is infected with fungal infection. We plan to let them play together after Miss Mimi is fully recover. Its seem like a great plan.

However, We can alway plan well, yet the end result might not be what we hope to see. Miss San San was missing more than a month plus, there is no chance at all that Miss Si Si can play with her lovely sister again. This is a very great lesson to learn, whatever we want to do, it’s better we take action immediately instead of procrastination. We might lost our opportunity for life. Don’t wait, don’t give excuses and don’t keep delay…

We’ve assembled the cat scratch house for Miss Si Si to play, we don’t want to keep it and regret later. We want to spend our beautiful time with our lovely Miss Si Si. To us, Miss Si Si is just like a little child, she is fast learner and she can understand our language day by day. Now, Sis and I are her play mates. Miss Si Si know how to ask us to play with her and every morning, she’ll ask us to play for a while before we go to work. Every time, we’ll share and promise her that we are going to play with her after work. This little being can remember well. Once we are back from work, and we mention “let’s go upstairs and play.” She’ll run happily and start her games with us. This is the happiest moment for her, of course to us too. We are so relax when playing with her as Miss Si Si is so “real” and “genuine”. We celebrate our happiness together!

Miss Si Si and her new toy...

Miss Si Si and her new toy…We celebrated our happy moment together. We love Miss Si Si, she is our lovely family members. To us, she is not a cat yet a being same like us!


Sometimes, when I read our animal friends are being tortured by us. I felt so sad and my heart is bleeding as why can’t we give our greatest love to our animal friends, they are just like us, their blood is Red too, they can feel like us, the only big difference is they are not using our language yet there is no barrier for LOVE!

Let’s share our great love to our animal friends and let’s share this beautiful message to people surrounding! Shine our loving-kindness!



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