Let’s be a Fruitful Person!

How do you define success in life?

Are you referring that you own something like property, land, cars, shares, status, power, authority, fame, luxury items, position and other material wealth?

When you think deeply who are benefit the most from your success?

Obviously, it’s you, Yourself.

Today, my Christian friend shared with me that her pastor asked them whether they want to be a successful person or to be a fruitful person? A simple explanation on successful person, it’s all about your success and you are the one who enjoy the success, self benefit.

How about fruitful person? Imagine a tree bear with fruits, do you think the tree is enjoying the good fruits or people surrounding is enjoying the good fruits? A transformation from “me”, “I”, “Mine” to “us”….

So, do you want to achieve successful life only? Why not be a fruitful person who can benefit to so many beings around you. You are shining your loving-kindness, compassion, positivity, happiness and other beautiful qualities in life to others. A simple action like give your full hearted to say “Good morning with a great smile”, you are actually bright up other’s day. To cook with full-hearted and shared your food with others, your warmth action will definitely touch other’s heart.

Look at the coconut tree, it bear so many coconut which help to nourish our thirst. Let's be a "fruitful" person.

Look at the coconut tree, it bear so many coconuts which help to get rid of  our thirst and nourish our body. Let’s be a “fruitful” person.

Let’s bear the fruits of kindness and shine to your surrounding! Let’s be the fruitful person and the world need more fruitful person to make it a better place to stay.






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