I am “touched”…

Do you notice that some of the people, you want to spend time and get closer with them? However, some of the people, you might want to keep a distance from them?  Have you ever know what is the key reason of your reaction?

It’s definitely link with the energy you shine out to your surrounding. When you shine out warmth, loving kindness and positive energy, a lot of people love to hang around with you. They feel so comfortable, happy and peace. However, when you are stressful, worry, tension, you are going to shine out negative energy, no one want to get near to you even your lovely animal friend can notice on the changes.

I witnessed that one of my relative who was working in slaughter-house before, my lovely cats all run away when he was visiting us. They can sense so well, they were so worried that my relative will harm them. When you are filled with loving-kindness, animal friends love to get closer with you as you are able to give them security.

When your family in peace, calm and happy, your animal friends at home also will gradually be the same as they can sense the harmony and peacefulness. One of my friend shared a photo with me that her dog can get along so well with the cat she adopted. I am touched that a kind person can shine her kindness even a little dog also can accept well a little cat with loving kindness. How amazing!

So beautiful! What a great lesson for us to learn!

So beautiful! What a great lesson for us to learn! Photo courtesy from Sis Bobo

Be kind and always shine your positivity and kindness to all beings.



2 responses to “I am “touched”…

  1. I enjoy so much how you think, how you live your life your responses to problems , joys, sadness and all That comes your way each day. Thanks for the inspiration. Please keep writing, we learn a lot from you. Bob

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