Why we rush through life?

When you are in peace, you shine peacefulness and calmness to your surrounding. How important to keep peace in mind?

When you are in peace, you shine peacefulness and calmness to your surrounding. How important to keep peace in mind?

How do you eat your food and also drink your water?

Are you actually chewing properly? or you just swallow your food with speed?

Have you ever notice how many times are you chewing your food before you swallow it?

This afternoon, I had lunch with my colleague, she was eating superb fast and not chewing her food properly. She seems like rushing to somewhere. As usual, I am practicing mindful eating with chewing my food slowly with at least 30 times before swallow. She asked why am I eating so slow? I answered her that with proper chewing, we can digest our food well and reduce the burden of our organ like stomach, intestine and others. Moreover, your body can absorb nutrient better with your slow eating. Besides, you can experience the natural taste and sweetness of food. If you chew properly, actually you are eating less as enough time for your time to send signal to your stomach that you are full. So many benefits of eating slowly and mind fully.

I also shared with her that to drink water slowly and not swallow water in full glass in one time as our body can’t absorb water in such a way. We might losing more important nutrient/ mineral of body as too much water flash out through urine. The correct way of drinking water, sip your water and drink slowly, allow your important organs to absorb. She thought that we must fulfil the quota of 8 glasses of water, she is in a rush to meet the target. I asked her, “To listen to your body need, not blindly to follow.”

I gave her a great example that when you are watering a plant, are you in a rush, to pour big volume water? What is next happen? All water will come out from the bottom of vase.  It’s hard for plant to absorb if we pour water strongly and in big volume. This apply the same to our body. Drink bit by bit, with mindfulness.

After listened to my explanation, she mentioned that she is going to change her habit from the way of drinking water. She shared with me that her sons also make a complaint to her that “Why mummy, you are always in rush and keep looking at watch?” She realised that her action bring discomfort and tension to others too. She is willing to change gradually. There is nothing need to rush in life, be peace and calm. Shine your peacefulness and calm to surrounding. Only with a peaceful and calm mind, we can be more awake!

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