Do things in details…

Even a simple  home-cook meal, we must cook with passion, serve in good presentation... This little act can bring so much happiness to people who are enjoying the meal.

Even a simple home-cook meal, we must cook with passion, look at things in details,  serve in good presentation… This little act can bring so much happiness to people who are enjoying the meal.

Today, I had a conversation with my colleague, she mentioned that we can compromise on quality of work as most of the times, customers or end users will not pay attention in details. As such, we can take things for granted.

Immediately, I replied to her that “We must look at things in details and be mindful at work no matter customer can notice or not. We must do our best and deliver the best service possible.” Never ever take things for granted. Whatever we are doing before we deliver end result, always ask yourself, “Are you able to receive such a quality of work?” Are you happy?”

So happened, later in the evening, my cousin shared with me that she gained trust from her loyal customer for 30 years as she is able to provide excellence customer service and willing to help customer to solve his issue even though its nothing related to her. Customer is so grateful for her good service and continuously to sustain good business relationship with her.

Another great example I read was a retired cleaner gave her best even its her last day of working. Everyday, She’ll clean the toilet bowl and before she finished her cleaning work, she’ll take a sip of the toilet water and drink. It shown how clean is the toilet. Her story inspired so many people.

As such, be passionate, be details in whatever you are doing. People can feel and sense on your seriousness in work. You are going to inspire others too!!! Let’s level up the quality of work! Bring happiness and not suffering to surrounding!



4 responses to “Do things in details…

  1. Sip the toilet water? Ewwww..!
    But I agree with you: details ARE important.
    It is like not finishing a job if you don’t take care of the details. Then you or someone else has to finish the job later.

    • Hi! You are right! Always remember to bring happiness in other’s life. Your unprofessional in your work, will definitely bring unhappiness and worries to others.

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