Be mindful!!!

You'll never notice the blossom of blue pea flowers if you are mindful. Same apply to your attitude in life. Are you mindful?

You’ll never notice the blossom of blue pea flowers if you are mindful. Same apply to your attitude in life. Are you mindful?

We love to bring our Thermos Container when buying hot coffee to save environment and also a good action to safeguard our health as sometimes, vendor is providing low quality of paper cup to serve hot drink. I’ve made this a healthy habit by putting my thermos and also stainless steel inside my car. Whenever, I need to take away food, I’ll bring my own container. Its easy, healthy, simple and benefits to all beings. Are you bringing your container when take-away food or drink?

Recently, I encountered many good lessons when ordered take-away drink with my container, most of the times that the foreign workers, they don’t know how to close the lid. Once of the incident was, the lid not properly close tightly and the coffee was spilled out in my car. I am grateful to that little incident, it reminded me not to put assumption that “Anyone know how to do?” and also count our blessings that we are able to use a good container. Most important, to be mindful in anything, “Human make error, this is normal.” Be mindful, not to complain, and I always check out the container before I leave the shop.

Last weekend, we went to order take-away coffee and we requested to fill in fully. It shocked me that the hot coffee was actually spilled out from the container and it never being close as too full. I just wonder, why the waiter able to pass back the container with such a condition? Is it acceptable? Is it make sense? This is a great lesson on blindly follow instruction and not using our mind to think and figure out.

No matter who we are dealing with, good customer service is crucial, we must always think from the angle of others. How do you feel if you receive this service? Are you happy? or Are you upset?

Always be mindful! When you are mindful, you are totally awake as you are not dwelling in the past and future. You are at NOW!







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