It’s easy!!!

It's simple, you can practice your loving-kindness even to the smallest an ant.

It’s simple, you can practice your loving-kindness even to the smallest beings…like an ant.

We love to use our own thinking pattern to complicate the situation we are facing. Even a simple matter which can be solved easily, we might intend to input our doubt, perception, experience and perceive as a big challenge to handle.

A simple example like can you offer your loving-kindness anytime, anyone and anywhere? You might hesitate and keep thinking before you are willing to nod your head and say yes. We intent to think more and bring so much trouble to tighten ourselves with invisible net and make our life tighter. Why not free ourselves? Back to your true nature. You are love, you are compassion, you are kindness…. you are not lacking anything related to kind virtues.

This evening, when I was home, my neighbour’s granddaughter kept calling me and shared with me that a new dog in her house as her grand father is helping a lost little poodle dog who is wondering in neighbourhood and try to look for his owner. I am touched that my neighbour is practicing loving-kindness and he is willing to help the little dog to avoid any bad incident like accident or being taken by people with bad intention. My neighbour found the owner of poodle dog and happy ending. He shown a great example and input a good seed of kindness to his grand-daughter. It’s so easy to  practice loving-kindness, it’s all depend on whether are you willing to offer your help.

One of my friend shared with me that every morning, on the way to work, she saw an elderly grandma walked with his dog. One of the morning, she saw only the dog without the elderly grandma. She thought it might be something happened to the elderly grandma and the dog just wander around. She never offer her helping hand to bring the dog home. After that, she realised actually the dog was sneaked out from home and missing as the grandma was walking alone later. This is one of the incident she regretted and she promised herself that she’ll help any animals who are wandering around and lost in her neighbourhood.

Offer your helping hand anytime, anywhere and also to any beings. Not make yourself in remorse later.


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