I’ll do whatever people not willing to do…

It’s so easy to make complain in life, instead of come out with solution and resolve it harmony. It’s so easy to blame on other’s for their short coming instead of look inward for a better solution. One of the best way to remind ourselves when we want to blame others, always look at your fingers, only one finger is pointing out and the rest of four fingers are actually pointing to yourself. Why not look inward and see what is the best way to solve the challenges you are facing? Instead of get angry, stress, tension, upset and caused so much negative emotion to yourself and people surrounding.

My father love to do things in his way. Every morning, after I finished prepared breakfast and get ready to take my breakfast. My lovely father will start to clean cat litter, and the aroma of the “Cat litter” is surrounded in my house even though we are using a powerful air purifier. It’s really a great test to know how far you can accommodating. Imagine if I sound on my lovely father, I am sure he will be not happy. As such, I addressed him as a Bodhisattva to test our practice and also a great reminder to myself that be mindful to your surrounding. Instead of get angry and upset, What I did was to clean the cat litter before having breakfast. This is the best way to resolve everything in harmony.

It touched my heart that recently I read an article about a young volunteer why is he offering volunteer service to others while he can use his time for others purpose like chatting with friends, hang around in cafe, online and others as most of the young people love to do. His answer is so simple, “I’ll do whatever no people want to do. I’ll offer my help to others voluntary.”

Let's share the fragrance with people surrounding! You'll be surrounded with the good aroma too!

Let’s share the fragrance with people surrounding! You’ll be surrounded with the good aroma too!

Why can’t we offer our voluntary service to our family, working, community and others? Why are we so calculative when we are with our loved one? Why can’t we give our service voluntary instead of starting grumble and complain? and to shine negativity and “Dark cloud” to surrounding. I am willing to do what others not willing to do, are you willing to do the same?




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