Life is full of challenges…

Life is full of challenges, be persistent and full of faith, you are going to see the light after dawn.

Life is full of challenges, be persistent and full of faith, you are going to see the light after dawn.

Sometimes, you might think that you are not easily to get angry after a period of time on spiritual practice. You might even think that you are going to be at peace and calm in most of the time. You might be right, when there is nothing happen and everything is so smooth or status-quo in your life.

When you are facing challenges situation in life, then only you know how far is your spiritual practice, how patience, how perseverance you are. There are so many challenges that I am facing this year, it’s great to know how good is my practice. After many years, I was living in comfort zone as my lovely mum can handle chores and home cooking so well, however since last year-end, her health is deteriorating and I need to take over the new role, become the chief cook for the family. I am glad that I’ve interest in cooking and also blessed that I ventured to macrobiotic cooking method. I am happy to apply what I learn in my new diet plan, its benefited to my family to stay healthy and the one who gain the most is me as I lost so much weight and become healthier.

To balance up my life, I need to shorten my yoga and meditation time in order to prepare healthy breakfast and lunch for my family. However, all effort is worth it as nothing is more important to sustain good health.

Recently, my house is doing minor renovation and it make my house so messy and dusty. This is  great challenge for me as I love to keep my place neat, tidy and clean. Besides, taking care my career, chief cook role, moreover I need to tidy and clean my house constantly to keep it clean. Furthermore, Miss Mimi, my lovely cat princess had fungal infection and I need to act the role as “nurse” too to feed her medicine, its seriously not an easy task as Miss Mimi is so fierce, she can’t understand much on what we are saying and she can attack you anytime by scratching and biting. We’ve try many method to feed her medicine yet alway failed. Taking care of her is a great test on how patience you are.

Despite all this challenges, our lovely happy cat, Miss San San is missing. All this element is pushing the limit of my patience. One time, I am aware that I am going to get angry and frustration as so much negative things happened in life, I am blessed that I’ve spiritual practice, immediately I look inward and count my blessing. All this challenges will make me a better person. I am happy and accept this with open heart. I feel more relax and free, finally I smile and laughed at how horrible is my thoughts can go wild and crazy. Always look inward and never say a thing when you are aware your anger.






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