I’ve not failed…

We are easy to start a new healthy habit, diet, way of living, spiritual practice and others. However, to sustain and to continue to walk the path, it’s so challenging. Most of the time, we can see people just quit in half way.

Previously a group of my friends are joined for yoga and meditation classes, however throughout the year they are not many practitioner. Many of them drop out and some shifted to look for new way of living. Sometimes, when people are sick, they might follow a healthy diet plan in order for recovery, however once they’ve recovered, immediately they change back to their old way of living. They might say “Life is short, I should enjoy good food irrelevant of healthy or not.” It’s always happen in our surrounding!

I always believe in persistent and strong determination when we are doing something especially when we are practicing a good way of living. Never give-up even though it can’t show good result in short-term. Once you are continue to walk your path, the success definitely is not far away. It’s all depend on your willingness.

Previously, I did share with you that my failure of cooking organic brown rice with my new Donabe cook pot. The rice was too soft as I put too much water. Imagine, if I lose confident on trying, I might just keep the Donabe cookware in my kitchen cabinet. For sure, I can’t enjoy good organic brown rice.

Yummy organic brown rice, yee best ever I taste with the Donabe cookware. I feel extremely happy by just eating the brown rice.

Yummy organic brown rice, the best ever I taste with the Donabe cookware. I feel extremely happy by just eating the brown rice.

After my first failure, and I try again, look at the beautiful, yummy, nutritious organic brown rice. This incident deepen my understanding on “Failure is the mother of success.” Nothing to worry or fear if you fail, let’s failure be the important nutrient towards your success later.

I love this inspiration quote from Thomas Edison,

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Keep walking when you are on the right track!!!



4 responses to “I’ve not failed…

  1. Always admire people like you looking into own heart and mind regularly. I think, as you have mentioned: determination, persistence, continuously fine tuning actions with the gentle approach and not taking oneself too seriously shall work for me.

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