How blessed to enjoy good health!!!

Miss Mimi, we love you and we'll give the best to you!!!

Miss Mimi, we love you and we’ll give the best to you!!!

Finally, I got to know the reason of Miss Mimi’s decease after waited for the past 10 days. The Vet called us to confirm that she got Fungal infection after went through so much test and minor operation. Miss Mimi got face swollen since Mar and we brought her to visit Vet, with the injection of antibiotics and the swollen face seem like subside. However, after a few weeks, it happened again.

She went through minor operation and initially Vet mentioned that it might caused by puss (perhaps cat fight). However, after the minor operation, the swollen face remained and moreover some growth is actually blocking her little nose. The Vet felt something not right and she asked us to bring her for a biopsy in hospital.

Again, another minor operation in order to take biopsy and x-ray. Of course, we are spending a high medical bill on Miss Mimi, however most important is Our little being is suffering for sometimes without actual diagnose of sickness. She went through a series of western medical treatment with drugs. We are sad to see her little body need to endure such great pain.  The Vet shared with us that it was first time she encountered the fungal symptom like Miss Mimi. It’s the first case and now, they are asking us to start strong fungal infection medicine like Little black with high dosage. If the medicine is not working, then we need to enhance the dosage or change to a more strong drug.

Sis & I decided to continue to feed Miss Mimi with Colloidal silver which has not side effect as compared to fungal medicine and we are also using silver water to clean the swollen face.  Our little girl is too weak to bear the side effect of drugs.  We are doing our best to help our lovely Miss Mimi and Let’s pray for her speedy recovery.

It gave a good lesson to us that how important to sustain good health. You are so blessed when you are healthy! Never take this as granted.



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