dancing snail…

The more you spend time with your lovely animal friends, the more closer and the more understanding and trust build. The more love you are giving to them, they are going to give you even more. You are their whole world! They love you dearly from their heart. Even though, we are using different language, difference form of body, however this is not a barrier for the universal language, LOVE!!!

We give our priority to spend time with our lovely cats during weekend especially to have a walk and also playing times in garden. As such, I’ll do my best to finish all chores on Friday night, so we can have playing times together. How important to give priority to your love one, to accompany, talk to them and spend quality time with them.

Recently, I noticed that a lot of parent in order to compensate that they can’t spend time with their children, they are giving gifts and material stuffs to replace the quality time for get together. Of course, we need to earn a living, however its important to prioritize your needs. In the name to build a comfortable lifestyle and home for your family, you are the absence for most of the family gathering and also accompany your children in their growing time. Is it worth it?

Always remember that when you have time for them after your retirement, they might not here for you anymore. Why not spend quality time together? Nothing is more important than your presence and love to your children. Material wealth can’t replace “LOVE”, let your children to have a beautiful childhood memories which full of love! Definitely, you are sharing your beautiful gift to the world as you are bringing up a child with love and caring! How awesome!

This morning, Miss Sisi and I were celebrating beautiful moment together. We were looking at a dancing snail. What a good way to start our beautiful day!

Dancing snail, so loving!

Dancing snail, so loving!

Miss Sisi said Hi to the lovely snail.

Miss Sisi said Hi to the lovely snail.




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