Growing old gracefully…

Life is like the morning dew... Treasure and make full use of it, to shine happiness to yourself and others.

Life is like the morning dew… Treasure and make full use of it, to shine happiness to yourself and others.

This afternoon, I attended an event, when old drama video being played back, I saw a lot of movie stars I know since young, grew old and some of them, might even passed away. It refreshed a lot of old good memories. This is a great reminder that time flies, growing older is a fact of life no matter how much cosmetics, skin care we are applying  on our face. No one can escape from this norm, however, we can grow old gracefully. This is definitely a better option.

Instead of spend a lot of time on taking care of our face, body in order to procrastination the sign of aging, why not enhance your life in term of spiritual? The mind is everything. The more priority you are giving to develop your mind, the more beautiful people you are.  The more benefits and happiness that you are giving to yourself and also people surrounding.

The more peace and calm you are, the more positive energy you are shining to your surrounding. The more you are enhancing your knowledge, the more value, fact and wisdom of life you are sharing with your surrounding. Instead of talking “Rubbish” and Dump “Rubbish” to others, why not bring positive value to your content of conversation. Improve your quality of life and others too.

I love to hang around with one of my friend’s mother, she is an old grandma that diligently follow spiritual practice, when you are with her, you can sense on her peacefulness, calmness,loving-kindness and compassion. You feel so secure and comfortable when you are with her.  Her face is always wearing smiles, the power of charming smiles are stronger than any cosmetics apply on face. She is a great example of growing old gracefully!




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