Don’t wait…

When you are looking for a car park, you might let go those far away parking lot and look for those nearer parking to the entrance of your destination. It’s safer and also walk less. Have you ever experience that when you let go a car park and you can’t find any nearer car park, you round back and hope that the car park you let go still vacant. However, most of the time, the vacant car park being taken by others. What you miss out might be forever.

This is a good lesson to remind us that treasure great moment with your loved one and not to regret when you lost it. No second take in life, live well and always live at now.

Our love is alway with you... no matter what happen! Miss Mimi, we love you!

Our love is alway with you… no matter what happen! Miss Mimi, we love you!

Today, Miss Miss is having a minor operation to take some tissue for biopsy and also she did an x-ray. Vet called us and shared with us that ” a growth in her nose and it spread to another nose.” Vet has no idea ” what are the causes and how to heal.” She need to wait for the result of biopsy before any further treatment to Miss Mimi. When I heard Miss Mimi need to have stitches on her face, my heart is bleeding too. I felt so sad for this little being to endure such a pain in life. I can feel the pain and suffering of Miss Mimi. The best, we can do is to let her to stay with Vet, to cleanse her wound daily while waiting for the biopsy report.

This is a great incident to remind on impermanence of life. Never miss out to celebrate your life with your loved one. Don’t give any excuses for procrastination your action. When you miss out the moment, it might be for life.




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