Change your thought, failure can be success too!

Change your thought, failure can be success too!

Recently, I bought a Donabe (Japanese Clay pot) to cook food as this pot can help to preserve more nutrient, e.g. cooking organic brown rice, it can preserve higher vitamin B, uncooked, 0.38 g, cooked by Donabe 0.31 g, pressured cook only can preserved, 0.25g for 100 g, moreover the rice is more fluffy and gathered energy.  It’s the 1st time for me to experience the aroma of rice at home after many years of cooking rice. And the report shown that by using Donabe , it brings 2 times more flavourful as compared to normal pot.

However, I need to make big adjustment and effort by using the Donabe. Previously, it was so convenient that I just need to press the “on” button on rice cooker, then it can start and complete the total process. By using Donabe, I bought a timer as 10 minutes to boiled the rice, then reduce to small flame to cook for another 25 minutes. So, I am not mindful, I might not get a chance to enjoy good rice as it’ll burn. It’s a good practice for mindfulness and also patient. Once you smell the fragrance of rice, the taste of rice, you are going to love it even though you need to pay more effort. Especially, a bowl of good organic brown rice can bring so much health benefit to my family and I. All effort is worth it.

There are many good lessons to learn by using the cooking utensil. My first cooking experience with Donabe was failure as the cooked rice too soft. Immediately, I changed my plan of cooking, I used the cooked organic brown rice to make risotto and mixed with vegetables, nuts and also beans. The balance of cooked rice, I transferred to make cream soup by using high-speed blender and also cooked porridge for breakfast.

It was a great lesson as no need to worry about failure in life, just change your thought and there are so many solutions. Think out of box! Life is full of options, it’s all depend on you. Let the failure be the good nutrient to our success! My failure of cooked rice become so many types of other good food. What a good example!

Dare to face and accept failure, change your angle of thought, don’t self blame of keep scold yourself when you failed. Move forward, enjoy the beauty of life, no matter failure or success!


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