When is your happy moment?

Whenever we are with Miss San San, We feel the happiness is just around us.. She is truly a happy girl!

Whenever we are with Miss San San, We feel the happiness is just around us.. She is truly a happy girl!

Have you ever encounter this question before?

Think about it, we only live in this beautiful planet a short period say 50, 60, 70, 80 or even 90 years…

What do you want? “Happiness!”

Happiness is not only meant for ourselves but to people surrounding. How great if you can bring happiness and smiles to your surrounding! Not forgetting when you shine your happiness, you enjoy the most!

People love to procrastinate their happiness to future. They might mention, “The happy moment in my life,

when my kids are independence

when my kids get married

when my saving account show many zero at the back…

when I strike lottery

when I own a bungalow, luxurious car..

when I get the luxury bag that I wanted for long..

when I get a promotion…

when I retire..

when I am rich & full of power

I just wonder why can’t we be happy at here, right now? What are we waiting for? Why we need to set a target in order to be happy?

How wonderful if we can wake up in the next morning! How great that we can still breathing! How amazing that we can eat, drink, sleep, rest without any disturbance as our body still healthy! How wonderful that we can see the beautiful nature! How blessed that we can drink clean water and organic food! How lucky that we can stay under a roof! How happy that we can walk, run, sit, squat, jump, bend our knee, laying down without any pain!

There are too many reasons for us to be happy at now, here! Please don’t set any target to limit your happiness! How important to be happy, when you are happy, you are going to shine your happiness and positive energy to your surrounding, you are going to benefit all beings, like your family members, your children, friends, colleagues, relatives even our animal friends. Besides, when you are happy, your plant also grow well and healthy!

You’ve all the reasons to be happy and you don’t need to create a reason! Smiling is free, give your big smile to everyone!






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