What are you cooking?

I am always enjoyed my simple home-cook organic meal. It's healthy, tasty and zero burden to body. Live life simple!

I am always enjoyed my simple home-cook organic meal. It’s healthy, tasty and zero burden to body. Live life simple! Whenever I can, I’ll do home-cook! Health is wealth!

Yesterday, Sis & I went for grocery shopping and we decided to dine-out. We just went to a vegetarian stall in shopping mall and ordered Dumpling soup and Dry curry noodle. The stall put a big sign mentioned that they focus on healthy living, and all their food are fresh, No MSG, Less Sugar and salt. It took quite a while before our food was served. The presentation of the dry curry noodle looked not presentable and  it can tell the food is not freshly cooked from the texture of coconut milk.

I am mindful with food, when I look at the food, I can immediately know whether its good or not. Once my sister took the first bite on noodle, she shared with me that there was something wrong with the noodle, the taste was not right. Then, I tested, the taste turned to sour, meant the food was spoiled. Immediately, she stopped eating and for my dumpling soup, the dumpling was obviously put in the freezer for sometimes, the ingredients were not fresh at all.

We always believe that we can’t waste any food, however when we are facing such a challenging condition, we need to think what is the right action. Of course, we decided not to take the harmful and spoiled food to our body, obviously this will cause food poisoning and we are going to jeopardize our health.

However, we never made any complain as the people managed the stall are foreigner workers. They can’t understand well on what we are saying. From this incident, it reminded us that we must be very mindful and ensure cleanliness when we want to serve food to others. During cooking, We must be full of love, peace, calm and positive energy, we wish that whatever we cook can nourish the body, and bring peace and happiness to the people who are eating later.

Especially for those business owner, please do not only take care of dollar and cents, always put priority that whether the food you sell to your customers, whether is it nutritious or harmful to others health?  cook with love or with anger? Any differentiation between the food you eat and the food you sell? Are you giving happiness or suffering to your customers? Are they stay at peace and calm after taking your food?

No matter what we are doing, always think about others, please do not only focus on your personal interest. Instead o happiness to yourself, why not happiness to all?

Happy Sunday!






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