be curious…

My curious cats team are investigating my neighbor's renovation.

My curious cats team are investigating my neighbor’s renovation. Little Black like the head of cat team. 

In this beautiful morning, I was accompanied my lovely cats to play in the garden. As usual, I am practicing my yoga and enjoying peaceful, freedom and serenity in garden. My lovely cats were played with each other happily. Cats are curios creatures, whatever they don’t know, they will do their search and understand what is going on.

How nice if we can learn the same from them! Some of us, we are too lazy to find out the truth for whatever we don’t know. We believe easily on hearsay without reading, research and understand. Whatever people saying, we take in without any digestion. How can we improve ourselves! Don’t give excuses that you don’t know, no time and others. Nowadays, by using your smart phone, the world is in your fingertip. You can easily enhance your knowledge.

Sometimes, when people say “This food is good for health.” Without checking, research, immediately we start to consume. We might put in poison to our body without realization. I heard a case that a lady was taking a table-spoon of olive oil daily to preserve good heath. She continued her intake for more than 10 years. Recently, she was not feeling well, after diagnosed, apparently her liver was covered by oil, and also causing damage to her stomach and intestine as too challenging for body to digest such a big quantity of oil which is above normal limit. Not forgetting also she took oil from other food despite additional table-spoon of olive oil.

Be curious like a cat, always check, understand, before you take action. This apply the same to our spiritual practice. You must understand before you walk the path, don’t follow blindly and you are not sure where are you heading.

Recently, One of the people asked me, “Why am I a vegetarian?” I answered: “I am a Buddhist.” Then, he said, “I am a Buddhist too.” We can call ourselves as Buddhist, however are we really understand and practice what is the teaching of our teacher. Compassion and see all beings equally. If we fully understand about the teaching, you are definitely going to love, respect and see no difference in all beings. How can you take meat from others? You are eating happily and yet another beings are actually giving life for your enjoyment. Think deeply and always look for the angle of others. Imagine, if you are the “animal”, are you willing to give your life for people whereas they can have so many option of food despite meat?

Be curious and doubt on what I am saying, go and look for more information on treatment on livestock, slaughterhouse, the truth about meat-eating and…….

Read, understand and practice!



2 responses to “be curious…

  1. Adorable cats~ and yes there is definitely a lot of unethical practices in the meat industry, and even the dairy and egg industry as well..

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