Listen to your body…

You are your best doctor, listen to your body.

You are your best doctor, listen to your body.

My sister was sick before the volunteer job and she became more sick after that as weather was too hot and she suspected that she might got heat wave too. Her situation getting worst when she accompanied my mum to hospital for normal check up. As her immune system was down, she got another infection which cause her keep coughing. I respect her strong believe in natural healing, no matter how sick she is, she insisted to use natural healing to heal her sickness. All natural remedies, even though this will take long recovery process and yet it’ll not bring harm to body.

Initially, my body still strong enough to fight all bacteria, however when the weather getting hot, lack of good sleep as my sister usually cough at night, heavy workload to meet timeline. Finally, I am down with fever and I am glad that I can recover within a night by using natural healing. Now, being infected with the same type of bacteria as my sister, I am coughing too and now, I am gradually losing my voice. The best thing is I can talk less and listen more.

The best test in life when you are sick, are you still follow your practice? Are you have faith in what you believe? Are you give up easily? Are you looking for fast remedy to heal?

I am glad that Sis & I, We’ve the same believe and walk the beautiful path together.

We believe our immune system is the best defense, just take good rest, eat right food, do light exercise. We can recover too without harming our body with toxins and drugs.




2 responses to “Listen to your body…

  1. You say: “The best thing is I can talk less and listen more.”
    I like it how you find a good side to your predicament. 🙂
    I wish you to get well quickly, and your sister, too.

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