You are what you think…

No one can change your mind except you, yourself! Always believe you can!!!

No one can change your mind except you, yourself! Always believe you can!!!

It’s great that we can talk less and listen more. You can gain so much when we talk less. It’s a precious moment that we can observe on other’s behavior, and remind ourself not to repeat the same error or to learn good things from others.

Recently, I went for a healthy living class, our teacher sharing with us that to take light dinner before sunset. It’s going to ease our intestine, stomach and internal organs, this diet plan can bring more benefits. If we take late dinner or supper, it’ll bring more harm rather than benefits.

After her clear explanation, some of our classmates still asking questions like, “Teacher, My children come home late and they still take dinner. Is it healthy? Can they take some food?” ,

“Teacher, I am so hungry about 10pm, and I always take drink like Milo, cocoa drink and others. Can I continue this habit?”

“Teacher, I can’t sleep if I am hungry. I must feed myself even though midnight?”

This incident might happen to us too. We might ask the same questions again and again until we get consensus and acknowledgement from others on whatever we are doing is correct.

Usually, we are not agree on other’s advise or opinion unless it’s the same as us. Why are we refuse to make a change? Why are we so fearful to leave our comfort zone even though we know our diet plan is wrong?

You are what you think! Change your mind, you can transform immediately!



2 responses to “You are what you think…

  1. I keep thinking about any idea: I am limited by my thought; that is if I am thinking about being stingy, I am probably limiting myself within the stingy behaviors.

    I also think that I could ask fewer questions and still get the effective answers; there could often happen that inferior questions preempt superior questions.

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