We need to do minor renovation at home from Monday onwards, as such we need to move Miss SiSi and Miss San San from front yard to backyard. Miss San San was extremely stress out and she followed us all the way from the beginning we moved her little bungalow until all toys. She was so worried that we are going to dump her even though we keep sharing with her that this is temporary countermeasure. Once the renovation ready, they can stay at front yard again. Once she saw everything settled down and all her belonging at back yard. She seems like understand what is going on.

However, Miss SiSi was so angry as she need to move to backyard, she kept complaining to everyone with “meow! meow!”, she even scolded Miss Mimi and Little Black to express her frustration.  Basically, Miss SiSi only stay at the frontyard for less 2 months and yet she love and attached to it so much.

From this incident, it’s reminded us how easy that we are going to attach to current environment and live in comfort zone. When we get use of something, it’s hard for us to transform and make a change. Say is always easy compare to implement. You need great courage and strong faith to make a change in your life.

"I don't want to move to backyard. I want status quo!" How many of us like Miss SiSi? We are so worry and fearful on changes.

“I don’t want to move to backyard. I want status quo!” How many of us like Miss SiSi? We are so worry and fearful on changes.

Yesterday, when I attended a class on healthy living, our teacher asked how many of us are vegetarian. Only a few of us, then the teacher asked those non-vegetarian, “How do you feel? Any sickness?” Their answers as below: “High Blood pressure, High cholesterol, bad-tempered, emotional not stable, anger, obese, heart issue, gout, constipation, stomach gas, gastric, urine acid and others.” Amazing, they can name a lot of body discomfort yet they are not ready to let go meat-eating habit. My teacher shared with us that It’s very challenging to overcome our desire on eating. We just want to have good food even though we know its bad for health. It’s hard to make a change when we are so comfortable.

Our teacher also asked how many of us are consuming brown rice and she kept explaining the health benefit of brown rice. Even though, our classmate knew the benefits yet they are not ready to change as they love to eat white rice. They love the rice texture so much.

Always make a change if you know that your current lifestyle is no longer healthy. Why worry? This is for betterment of our life. Health is wealth! Health is happiness!





4 responses to “attachment…

  1. Attachment to things/situations/conditions is very difficult to overcome. Often, we don’t even want to see or know that we could do better.
    And when it comes to food… indeed… it is difficult to change our habits.
    Very insightful blog. 🙂

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