You are going to gain more….

Thank you Miss San San for coming to our life! We are grateful to our little teacher!

Thank you Miss San San for coming to our life! We are grateful to our little teacher!

We are having new family members at home, Miss ABC and also Miss 123. Usually, We called ABC as Miss Sisi, and Miss 123 as Miss San San (Mandarin pronunciation). Miss Sisi knew her name, when we called her, she will come to us. However, Miss San San, she is not familiar with her “new” name and we believe her ex-owner called her differently. It’s great that we can observe their differentiation.

Initially, Miss Sisi was not welcoming Miss San San as she came to our house first. She treated Miss San San so fierce. However, after few days, they got together so well. Now, they are a pairs of good sisters. Based on our observation, Miss San San always give way and priority to Miss Sisi, She is willing to give her food, her toy and others to Miss Sisi to eat, play and enjoy first.  Besides, Miss San San also learning from Miss SiSi on how to survive, actually she is a copy cat and can learn things so fast. She adapted to the new environment and she is so friendly to everyone.

To us, Miss San San is just like a happy cat. She brings happiness wherever she goes, she never fight, very naive, cute and can get together with our lovely Little Black and Miss Mimi. This is also one of the great character we can learn from Miss San San, be friendly and give priority and respect to others.

When you smile to people, people will smile back to you. There is a profound saying that no one will beat a people with smiling face. By observed Miss San San, We know the best way to break the ace, be friendly and always smile.

Sometimes, we might assume when we are give way to others, we are losing out. However, this is not the truth, you might gain more in life. Today, One of my colleague shared with me that the enzyme in the fruit juice will damage with the heat when we blend it. I shared with her that “Nope, The best temperature for fruits and vegetables to release enzyme is at 38 degree celcius. As such, I bought my high speed blender which stopped blending at 38 degree celcius” She is not convinced. I never argue and I started to read, to do my research on this topic. I gain so much knowledge and understanding which I can share with her again.

I am grateful to her for brought up this topic, so I can study more and share with more people. Always respect and give priority to others! You are not going to lose yet to gain in life!





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