Treat others how you want to be treated…

Sometimes, we might think that we need to give an expensive material stuff to make people happy. However, a kind thought from you, you can melt and warm other’s heart.

Today, one of our colleagues’ birthday, I knew she loved one of the pastries and to buy it, we must queue and wait for our turn. As such, I went with my other colleague to wait for the pastries. Our intention was simple, to bring happiness to other’s life by doing something they love. Whenever you receive surprises, definitely you are happy as you never expect this to be happened.

We are the first to be in the pastry shop and we waited for a while before the pastries were ready. There was actually people queuing  up to buy the pastries. Even though, we are the first customer yet their system was not based on first come first served. People just gave how many pieces they need even though they came later than us and they got first. Perhaps, the shopkeeper overlook on this, they were not so helpful too. To them, they are so many people queue up everyday, they can’t be bothered in detail. We were rushing for next appointment and we don’t want to disappoint our colleague.  So, I seek the people in the queue for payment to give us priority as we are in hurry. We are blessed to meet a nice aunty to give way to us, She mentioned to us, “I’ve plenty of time, you may go first.” So nice of her! Beautiful simple act which warm our heart too!

Of course, we are not complaining about the service, yet it brought a great lesson in life, we must be always be mindful in all details, we must always think from other’s angle instead of just based on whatever we believe. If you want other’s to treat you well, you must treat other’s well too. Courtesy and manner is so important.

My colleague was so touched when she received a special “Birthday pastries”. When we saw her smiles, it’s worth to spend time for queue up and bring a memorable birthday to her.

"Special pastries" for our special colleague...

“Special pastries” for our special colleague… We love to see people smiles… Let’s cheer up people’s life!







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