Keep smiling no matter what…

Keep smiling!!!

Keep smiling!!! You can…Photo courtesy from bro CW.

After my mum is sick, sis & I need to fine tune our daily routine life. We are extremely busy for our working life, and now we need to take care of our routine life-like cooking, washing, ironing, all house chores, besides, we need to take care of our lovely 4 little beings and also allocate time for our voluntary work. As such, we are hardly enjoy any leisure time, we treasure so much on the free time during weekend. To us, to have a good rest and quiet time is so important.

Previously, I can spend much time on reading, and now I can only read a few pages per day. Besides, I need to cut short my yoga and meditation session as I need to spend time to do cooking in the morning. I am grateful for my spiritual practice, I still can live well even though go through changes in life. I believe whatever happen to us at this moment, it’s the best gift in life. Just enjoy all moment. Treat it positive!!!

As I need to cook, I am study deeply on the nutrition and the best way of cooking to  live healthier. Now, I can share my cooking and way of living with others. Look things in positive angle. Never blame and complain, never waste your energy in negativity, this can never help you and others.

Recently, we are busy involved in voluntary work for organizing one day meditation retreat, as this is team project. Our teacher kept reminding us remember to smile if you are facing any issue with other team members. She mentioned that to be a volunteer is for self-help and also help others. You need to ensure you are in peace and calm, then only you can shine your peace and calm to others. Everything starts from yourself.

A lot times, we can plan yet the changes take place always faster than our plan. Just accept and move on. No matter, how much challenges you are facing in life, remember to smile instead to blame and live life in miserable.

Always remember that you can decide what type of lifestyle you want in life. You are the painter in your life! Paint it with colorful and positive vibes! Shine it to others too!

Smile always!



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