Stress Reliever…

Our sweet girl, Miss 123….Welcome to our family...

Our sweet girl, Miss 123….Welcome to our family…

Recently, they are 2 more friends come to our life, Miss ABC and also Miss 123. Miss ABC like know us for many years, she just live at the front yard and no plan to move out. As such, We made appointment and send for spaying. As for Miss 123, We rescued her and brought her to see Vet after fighting with dogs. After that, she refused to leave our house too. Based on our observation, Miss 123 definitely belong to someone. She is so sweet, super friendly and she might be an indoor cat too. We shared about her news in neighborhood. Unfortunately, no one come to pick her home. So, we brought her to spay too.

This week, we picked both of them home after the surgery. We put them with the Vet until fully recovery as we’ve no time to take care and most important to avoid the wound infection, this is the best thing we can do. Since no one adopt them, we just keep them with us. Both of the lovely sisters, they stay at the front yard. Miss ABC is more fierce than others, this might be the nature of stray cat as they need to survive. Miss 123 is so harmless, always being bully by the Miss ABC. As such, we put her in cage at night and she is so used to it. We are quite sure that she belong to someone.

Of course, our lovely resident cat, Little Black, he is always kind-hearted. He welcomed them and not chase them away. Miss Mimi did the same as well. We are blessed to have such a wonderful and kind-hearted little being with us.

Now, We’ve a total of 4 cats with us. My friend asked how can we take care so many cats despite our busy schedule. To us, we don’t assume our animal friends as burden in life. In actual fact, they are teaching us to be a good person. Moreover, we feel so happy, alive, rejoice when we spend time to play and talk to them. Even though, we are using language, yet we understand each other well. They are no different from us, only in difference form.

When you are playing with them, you might be keeping smiling and laughing, you feel so relieve after a hectic working day. You forget about all your work life. Moreover, when you are with them, you can also practice mindfulness. We are so blessed to have them in our life.

Let’s treat our animal friends like family members, never classify them as second class citizen. When you love them, they’ll love you more.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!



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