Let’s the food talking…

Sometimes, you might keep sharing your good advice with people, however some might say yes and agreed with your advice, they might keep nodding their head yet they are not going to follow your advice.

I always do my best to share with people on how important to take organic food,  salad, vegetarian  diet and also practicing healthy lifestyle. Recently, I am not only sharing advice, what I did was to share my healthy lunch with my colleagues. Of course, I can’t cook for everyone. I just take turn and let them to try the original taste of natural and healthy food. Let’s them to experience the nice organic food with healthy cooking method. Let’s the food talking…Once they try the healthy food, they are convinced that how “sweet” and “yummy” of organic food. We don’t need to put flavouring or msg during cooking. Back to the nature.

Most important, after eating the food, they feel great as no burden and toxins to the body. They don’t feel tiredness, heavy and sleepy. Energy can flow so well! Listen to your body! The truth always there!

“Seeing is believing” and “Eating is Convincing”. Why not let the food be the medicine?

Yummy home cook Organic Quinoa with portobello mushroom.

Yummy home cook Organic Quinoa with Portobello mushroom. Let’s the food talking…Remember to chew 25 times before swallow your food. Eat mindfully!

Good sharing is caring and also bring happiness to people surrounding.  Good health can enhance the quality of life.

Why not live a quality life? You can!!!


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