Health is everything!!!

Let food be your medicine!!!

Let food be your medicine!!!

I am continuously study and practice on healthy living, natural healing, how to live well with vegetarian diet, why must we take organic food, exercise, reflexology, meditation and others. Its bring benefit to myself and also to people surrounding. Sometimes, we might read many books, listen and watch thousand of talks or videos, seek advise from expert. We are extremely good in theory, however, we never practice. Imagine, if you are continuously sharing with people on healthy living and you, yourself not practicing. Do you think whatever you are sharing is convincing? Can you inspired others?

Whenever, I’ve opportunity I’ll share my healthy lifestyle with people and I want to be the living example to encourage people to live healthier and treasure our health before we lose it. Normally, I’ll share with people that I wake up at 5 am and sleep at 10 pm. It’s important to sleep after 10 pm as our body will start the process of detoxification. Another point, let’s food  be our medicine. Take organic vegetarian diet, most important take more raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, beans. All this super food will help you to maintain good health. Always pay attention to your cooking method, avoid Fried food and also processed food.

You must also give time to do exercise, I practice yoga in every morning. Besides, I’ll do foot massage before sleep to ensure good blood circulation to remove toxin from body. When I shared with people that since last December onwards, I don’t take dinner. Most of the people are shocking and they love to ask, “Hah! Are you hungry? I can’t do it.” My answer is simple, ” It’s mind power. How important to give your intestine, stomach and other organs to take a break and they can start to clear your body toxins!

Always remember to give food to your mind, Meditation is the best nutrient to our mind. We need to take care our body and mind as a whole, this is the best gift to yourself and others. When you are in good health, you live a happier life and you can shine your happiness to others. Besides, when you are healthy, your family members no need to worry about you.

One of my friend shared with me that when he is getting older, whenever he take junk and processed food, he can immediately feel the discomfort from his body. He mentioned that this was never happen when he was young. As such, he started to pay attention to his health.

Sometimes, when I shared with young people to take care of their health, they might just ignore as their body still manage to take care of toxins. Irrelevant how old are you, always pay attention to your health. Please remember that the age of getting sickness is getting younger too.

Health is EVERYTHING!!!





2 responses to “Health is everything!!!

  1. OH gosh you are right health is everything. What a beautiful photo. I forget about these things you mention. I need more meditation and quiet time! 😀 Wonderful post!

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