What have you done when drunk?

Let's light up for yourself and others!

Let’s light up for yourself and others!

Have you ever heard people shared with you that they can’t remember what had happened after they get drunk? Sometimes, part of their memories being erased and they just can’t remember anything. The issue is what have they done when drunk.

Most of us, we behaved so well before drunk, we know to live life morally and our mind can think clearly, most important our mind can safeguard us from doing  anything bad and bring negativity to yourself and others. However, after you get drunk and your mind being intoxicated, you can’t even think properly and you might do something wrong and you never ever do when you are sober.

I’ve witnessed people lose control after drunk, they might do something like keep hugging others, being violent, scolded others, crying, shouting and some even totally “knock down” by unconsciousness which they need others to carry them home. One of the incident, one of my colleague, totally drunk and he just laid on the floor and we were so worried that he might die, luckily he was okay and next day, he can’t remember anything at all. How dangerous! We might do something which harm ourselves and others.

One of my colleague asked me “If people get drunk, are they responsible for what they did? or they can just escaped with the excuse that ” I am drunk and I am not aware on what I did.” My answer was so simple, ” Can you share with the judge that you are innocent and you are not aware if you injured someone when you are drunk?” Of course, you are responsible for what you are doing.

All this incident explain well why as a Buddhist we are not taking intoxicant as this might make us lose our mind and we are going to do harm to ourselves and others. Why are we taking the risk? Besides, people might even share I can drink so well and never get drunk before. Well, nothing you can control, when you are keep drinking, you might not aware on your limit and you might just collapsed.

One of my friend, who drunk and died in the hotel room as heart attack.

Sometimes, people  might say, “I must drink to entertain.” However, as a Buddhist, I followed percepts and shared with people surrounding “I don’t take intoxicant.” People just respect on my decision and they never force me to drink in the name of “entertaining.” I live well and believe you can too.

Treasure our body and mind! It’s so blessed to have human body.

Let’s do our best to give happiness  and help to others, never ever give harm or hurt to others.



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