Quiet time…

Take a break to enjoy the beauty of life!

Take a break to enjoy the beauty of life!

Yesterday, when I am on the way back from work, It was slightly late as I left office about 7:30 pm. I was stuck in traffic jam, suddenly a thought came in my mind that I am truly respect working mother. I just imagine if I need to rush home every night to cook dinner for my family, to take care of children and also chores. There is hardly quiet time for myself.

I am blessed that I don’t take dinner and my parent will cook their dinner. Even though, I don’t have children yet I need to spend time with my lovely cats. Luckily, I can have quiet time for myself, which I can write blog, enjoy my foot massage, reading and others. I truly treasure the quality time that I can spend with myself. We need a quiet moment after a hectic work life to refresh and rejuvenate our body and mind.

I heard from my colleague that her sister hardly can spend anytime with herself as once she got home, her young boy is following her all the way. I am truly gratitude to the all mothers who are willing to sacrifice  and dedicate their life to their family. It’s not an easy role to balance your work and family life. Salute to all working mother!

I always think that no matter how busy we are, we must always take a break and enjoy a quiet moment with ourselves. This is the best way to regain energy for body and mind. When you are tired, you might not able to spend quality time with your family. You might easily lose temper and you might forget to smile.

Give a space to yourself!


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