Have faith…

Have faith , continue walking and you are to arrive to your destination. Photo Courtesy from sis Chew

Have faith , continue walking and you are to arrive to your destination. Photo Courtesy from sis Chew

There are so many bees flying around in my kitchen during morning time especially when my neighbor off their lighting. We believe there are bee’s nests in my neighbor house. So far, we live harmony with the bees. However, last Thursday, One of the bee stung my finger when I was cooking.

This was the first incident happened in my life, it was so painful and immediately I looked for home remedy for healing. Of course, I am so compassion to the bee who stung might die. I am in pain, the bee lost its life.

I am using natural healing for the wound and my finger was swollen and hardly can bend as the bee’s venom was in my finger. My friends advised me to go to clinic and I refused. The simple reason is the medical doctor based on their training background, for sure they are going to give pain-killer and antibiotic. I don’t take both medication as I am fully aware on the side effect.

I’ve strong faith that my body can heal and get rid of the poison. What I did was simple, I took Silver water and also Bio-Strath, natural yeast to boast my immune system, at the same time, to apply silver water on my finger, it’s the best natural antibiotic. The swollen, redness last for a total of 4 days and finally, all symptom almost disappear today. I can see the shape of my finger and palm again.

This is the great lesson in life that imagine if I give up half way on natural healing, for sure I need to start the western medical treatment which is going to bring side effect to my body. How important to keep strong faith to believe that your immune system is going to protect you against disease and your body can heal by itself. Most important, to give time to your body to win the battle.

This morning, My friend shared with me that one of her cancer friend not following the raw food diet as no immediate result shown after consuming for a short while. He has no faith on the diet, no matter how great is the diet, it’ll never bring benefit to him. Now, he is trying another alternative. This incident reminded me that if you don’t have strong faith in your spiritual practice, you are not going to walk the path and you might always look for alternative in life. At the end, you might head to no way.

Walk the path with faith!

7 responses to “Have faith…

  1. So true! Part of good health is having a healthy mind. If you don’t believe something will work, whether its natural medicine or allopathic, your body will not heal. I think that’s why the “placebo effect” is so important. The patient takes a sugar pill and believes he has taken real medicine that will heal him and he is healed! So many western doctors shrug this off, when they should be looking into the power of the mind.

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