Lovely 123…

There is a lot of test in life to see whether you are actually follow the spiritual path. To know whether you are actually practicing kind virtues to all beings.

Last Thursday, My neighbour called me during working hours and seek help to take care for a stray cat, the incident was her dogs bitten a stray cat and her maid tried to rescue the cat and out of frightening, the cat injured the maid. The miserable cat also suffered from injury. My neighbor was in hurry to travel and her time only permit her to take the maid to clinic for treatment and injection. So, she asked me to look for the cat with a little description. Of Course, the answer was Yes.

When I reached home, it was raining and I went straight to the neighbour’s house to look for the maid and check on her injury. At the same time, I asked the maid whether she knew where was the stray cat. The maid brought me and shown me the cat actually hiding in one of the neighbour’s fence and her body was all wet as raining and she was shivering. I am truly sad when I saw her. Just imagine, if you are under rain , you feel pain, lonely, starving, hopeless….. I must help this little being.

I went home and took cat food, hopefully I can get her out from the fence. After trying hard and with the help from another neighbour, I am able to carry her home and I keep telling her that “I come to help you and not harm you.” I am blessed that she never injure me while I am carrying her home. I believe strongly that our animal friends can sense our kindness. She spent a night at our house. The next day, we brought her to visit Vet to ensure she was okay.

We are blessed that she had slight injury on her toes. She looked so pretty, clean, friendly and it seem like taking care by someone. As such, The vet mentioned to us that, we can just release her, so she can find her way home. We released her once we get home. We thought case closed as we didn’t see her yesterday morning. However, She came to look for us yesterday evening. She was starving, We believed she might not even go home and we fed her. We posted her photo in our neighborhood chat, unfortunately no one come to look for her.

What is the best thing we can do for stray cat? Of course, we can feed them with food and water. Imagine, if we just feed them and not doing anything beyond that, there will be more and more kitten in our community and no one actually want to adopt them. Cats can breed in super fast manner and their community is bigger and bigger. A lot of kittens being hit by car and also dying for various reasons.

I am touched when I looked at this moment. The stray cat, 123 was so friendly when she was examined by Vet.

I am touched,  The stray cat, 123 was so friendly when she was examined by Vet. What a wonderful being!!! We’ll see anyone want to adopt her after spaying if not we will keep her at our car porch. Instead of “buy” a pet, why not “adopt”? They are beautiful and lovely!!!

This morning, we are sending our guest cat, ABC came to our house before CNY and also the stray cat, we just called her as 123 to the vet for the spaying. Some might comment, this is cruelty but think about the miserable kittens that roaming around. People just want to play and feed but not taking responsibility to stop breeding of stray animals which caused homeless animals being killed. Even if you send to them to shelter home, if no one adopted them, they will be euthanized.

Help the stray animals to get neuter and spay!!! To solve the root of problem!










6 responses to “Lovely 123…

  1. Beautiful sweet creature I hope she finds a family soon.
    Spaying is not cruelty. It is meant to save lives.
    I have two kitties: one from a shelter and the other was a stray cat.
    Both spayed, they are happy and healthy.
    Don’t buy, but adopt!

    • No worries! We’ll adopt 123 if she can’t find a good home. Let’s share this important message to people that Don’t buy but adopt! Cheers!

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