We own 2 treasures in life yet we might not give priority or even appreciate when you are having them, a healthy body and healthy mind.  Some of us, in the name of “enjoyment”, we are intake so much “toxins” in our precious body without realization. Some people might say, “I don’t know much about how to take care our body? What is good food to live well? My answer is simple, “Why not make use of internet, you can know the world by searching?”

Sometimes, people might say, “Why not enjoy life first? I love eating, this is the great pleasures in life.” As such, we might eat the wrong food, overeating and non-stop eating, some might even take supper even up to 12 midnight. Just imagine, in long run how can your body take this pressure without a moment of resting, not even talking about body detoxification. If we continue to go through this type of lifestyle, one day, our precious body will collapse, and we fall on sick. There is the wake-up call, if we want to live longer, we need to transform our total lifestyle, always remember you are what you eat. The second life is on your hand.

Recently, I heard so many people got cancer and all this people just around us, irrelevant of age. My advice to them is to heal, a total transformation of lifestyle is needed, especially to stop meat-eating, take more raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, beans, stop sugar and processed food intake, do exercise, be happy, positive, smiles, and always want to share your helping hand to others.

Sometimes, people might share that they’ve consulted a few western medical doctor, and the best option is to cut, burn and put poison to our body. No doubt, this will be the advise of western medical Doctor as they trained under this method of healing. Whether you want to follow, the final decision is on your hand. Are you willing to transform 100% on your lifestyle, eating, exercise and start meditation, the best food to mind? The commitment is for life and not only apply when people are suffered from cancer.

Sometimes, once cancer patient recovered, they might start their old way of living and also unhealthy eating habit. Then, the chances of relapse is so high. Some even lost their life after cancer relapse.

Your life is on your hand! Beware of what you are feeding your mouth, nutrient or toxin?

Why not start to enjoy a simple salad? Its give good nutrient to your body!

Why not start with to enjoy a simple salad? Its give good nutrient to your body!




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