The 7th day of Chinese New Year…

According to the Chinese Custom, the 7th day of Chinese New Year is the “birthday” of all human beings. As such, we’ll wish everyone, “Happy Birthday!!!” One of the lucky food to have is called “Lou Sang”, consisted of colorful vegetables and we love to say some lucky wishes while mixed together the vegetables. There are so many types of “Lou Sang”, to maintain our good health, it’s better to take the organic vegetables with natural sauces, the taste is like yummy and healthy salad.

So colorful & natural!

So colorful & natural! My friend just wanted to order another plate, we treat this like a yummy salad!

Recently, I heard one of the sharing from my sister which she read from internet, “If you are taking vegetarian food during the 1st day of CNY, all your disaster and bad luck of that particular of year can be erased. The reason is similar mandarin pronunciation of Vegetarian,斋 and disaster 灾. Of course, its great if we can follow vegetarian diet as we are actually releasing the life of animals, also showing love, respect and equal rights to all our animal friends. However, not to be trapped in the name of “superstitious”.

I passed a few pairs of my shoes to cobbler service before Chinese New Year and the collection will be during the Chinese New Year. Immediately, my friend shared and warned me that not to collect the shoes during Chinese New Year as her mother taught her since young that the pronunciation of shoes in Cantonese is “Sigh”, as such whole year also full of “sigh of despair”. As usual, I shared with my friends not to be superstitious and contemplate wisely.

Most of us, we continue to follow “superstitious” believe as we are so worry and fear if we fail to follow, some bad luck will happen. As such, just follow to ensure everything in order.

I make a birthday wish today, the 7th day of Chinese New year, birthday of all human beings, May our wisdom life grow, may we be awaken and enjoy freedom, lightness and happiness in life.



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