Growing old gracefully…

Every year, before Chinese New Year, We’ll pay a visit to our regular old folk and disabled home. Usually, I’ll do all co-ordination to check with the home on their wish list and also start the charity fund-raising. Most of my friends, they knew that I’ll definitely pay a visit and automatically, they will pass their charity fund to me. It’s being a norm and a practice after many years. I strongly believe that kind virtues can be cultivated, we are full of love and always wanted to share with others.

This year, one of my friend brought his family together with two children. This is the first time to visit old folk and disabled home. I asked both of them to say hello to old grandpa and grandma. However, the children were in shock and frightening as it’s hard for them to accept such reality in life, aging and sick.  It happened to most of us, we are not ready to accept aging and sickness. We are always wished that we can live long life and always be beautiful, as such we spend so much time and money to take care our body, to maintain youthfulness.  However, no matter how hard and how much effort  you try to sustain your look and body, you are going to be aged. This is fact of life and none of us can be escaped.

How do you feel when you look at the gourd?

How do you feel when you look at the gourd?

Looking at the shape of the young gourd and also baby gourd, there are in perfect shape, beautiful and so green. However, when its grow older, it became out of shape and turn to brown color, indication of end of life and also beginning of life as we can use the seeds to grow another gourd.

Nature always shared beautiful life lesson to us. Accept the reality that we are going to grow old and also get sick one day! This is the cycle of life and also the truth! Always remember we can always aged gracefully with our beautiful mind!


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