A refreshing tour…

Every year, Sis & I will definitely pay a visit to the FGS Dong Zen Temple lighting and floral. We are very much appreciated for the nice lighting decoration and most important, we are so touched with the effort and hard work of all volunteers to make this happen. Nothing can be materialized without the great support from volunteers, public and of course to all the FGS monastics.

I always encourage my friends to bring their children to visit the Lighting festival, to appreciate the nice ambience, it’s so educating with the story sharing by written and also being inspired by the great example from all volunteers. They are spending their precious Chinese New Year break to serve others. I am touched whenever I look at those teenager volunteers, they are willing to serve others instead of spending time on computer, social media, computer games, Tv, cinema and others. What a great example for our young children to learn from them! To serve selflessly!

Let’s take a look on the nice lighting…

Peace and Calm!

Peace and Calm!

Welcome to the year of Monkey!

Welcome to the year of Monkey!



Beautiful lighting!

Beautiful lighting! Full of positive energy! Yeah!

The cute "Monkey" design lighting!

The cute “Monkey” design lighting!

Have a blessed Year ahead!

Have a blessed Year ahead!

What a refreshing tour!!!


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