A guest…

Time passed so fast that Miss Mimi already with us for a year. Our lovely Little Black brought her home just before Chinese New Year eve, she was so little only 700 gram.

We are happy to see both of them living well and happy!

Look at Miss Mimi now, she is a grown up lady. We are happy to see both of them living well and happy!

Our family members celebrated our best moment of life with this 2 little beings in life. They are always bring happiness and joy to us.  Even though, Little Black was sick since young and he is teaching us for unconditional love and also be brave. There are so many beautiful lessons shared by this 2 little beings. We are gratitude for their presence in our life.

Last 2 days, we’ve a guest came to our house and refuse to move out. She seems like know us for long time and being so closed with us. We don’t know where is she from, she is so clean and can understand well on what we are talking about. Of course, we get ready water and food for her. Now, she became resident cat and stay at our front yard.

She look gorgeous and well manner!

She look gorgeous and well manner!

So far, no one is looking for cat in our neighborhood.  We’ll do our best to help her.

Last year, we had Little Mimi and now, another cat, we just named her as ABC as we are not sure how long she will be hang around here, co-incident they came to us before Chinese New Year. A new beginning of year, to share unconditional loving kindness with all beings.

It’s a test to see whether are we still follow our path and are we practice on whatever we are following. May you also share your unconditional loving kindness to all beings!

Have a blessed Chinese New Year!








9 responses to “A guest…

  1. What a beautiful guest you have!
    Happy Year of the Monkey. May it bring you and your big family health and happiness.

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