“I am well again”…

Thank you everyone! Finally, I am well!

Thank you everyone! Finally, I am well!

We received a great Chinese New Year gift that our lovely Little Black is fully recovered from fungal infection. This evening, I brought him for check up in Vet again   and to be safe, he has been diagnosed by 2 Vet to ensure he is fully recovered. He is no longer needed any medication. We feel truly blessed for his recovery. We knew that the bio-active water is actually helping for his speed recovery. Of course, we are also gratitude to all your best blessings for Little Black. Thank you for your love to him!!!

Today, I shared with my friend that when you are preserve good health is one of the  best gift to your family members and friends which you are bringing happiness to their life. Imagine, if you are sick, your family will be busy for taking care and worry about you. Besides,  you are suffered when you are sick, you might not able to do much as your body energy is low. How important to sustain good health! Its best for yourself and others.

Why not make a new resolution that you are going to take care of your diet, “you are what you eat”, exercise and also give priority to do meditation which is “Food for mind”. Not to regret and remorse or even self blame if anything happen to you.






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