healthy living…

I grow organic vegetables, I shared food with other little beings, even though there are holes on vegetables yet its safe for our body.

I grow organic vegetables, I shared food with other little beings, even though there are holes on vegetables yet its safe for our body and safe for others to consume too.

Whenever, I’ve opportunity and time is right, I’ll share with my friends to take organic fruits and vegetables. Most of the times, I received the feedback as it’s too expensive and next, they are so concern whether it’s genuinely organic or not.

One of my friends shared with me that “I can’t go for organic diet as too costly, I rather buy normal vegetables and fruits which consist of pesticides and others, I can clean and wash it with vegetable cleaner.” My answer is simple, “The vegetables  absorbed the pesticides, chemical fertilizer since young, all this “Toxins” go to the root and how to clean it, the maximum we can do is to clean the surface. Of course, it’s better than not doing.” Think about, if we want to clean our intestine, we can’t just clean the skin of our stomach. What we need to do, to take care of our diet, increase the fiber, prebiotic, probiotic, more vegetables and fruits.

Basically, the nutrition that consist in organic vegetables are higher than normal vegetables. It’s worthwhile for you to invest in your health.

Some of us, we rather spend our budget on external items instead of taking good care of our health, what’s the meaning of spending on beautiful clothes, handbag, shoes if our body is not healthy? Why not give priority to take good care of our health? Without good health, you might not able to do a lot of things, it might also disturb you and also a bit challenge to continue your spiritual practice.

Don’t lost your health, then only start your healthy living! I seen many case.

Why not do it now?



4 responses to “healthy living…

  1. Good advice. I only buy organic and am lucky enough to have a store close by that sells it at a reasonable price. In fact, most of the organic fruit and veg is pretty much the same as the non-organic, but tastes so much better. I may not look as ‘perfect’, but it is delicious.

    • Excellence! Kindly share with your surrounding! Let’s more people has a chance to taste organic food. The original taste of food. Cheers!

  2. The other reason I myself buy organic is that I commit myself to taking care of the earth. Organic farms do not dump chemicals into the soil, which then end up in the water. Organic farms are more friendly toward biodiversity, which means the birds and bees have healthy environment, too. When I pay more, I am voting in favour of Mother Earth. 🙂

    • Beautiful thoughts! This is also one of the reason why am I taking organic food for more than 10 years. My little effort to preserve mother of earth and hopefully can contribute a clean and greener environment for all beings. Let’s share with more people. Cheers!

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