Little Black brought Miss Mimi home and Miss Mimi love her brother dearly.

Little Black brought Miss Mimi home and Miss Mimi love her brother dearly.We are touched and warmth whenever we see them play together… 

One of my friend shared with me that her grandma is so ill now and she is stay in nursery home.  However, some of her aunties and uncles refused to share for the fees in nursery home in excuse of tight financial. Apparently, her mother is required to settle most of the bill. She felt that it’s unfair, why must her mum pay more? Why not equal sharing? There are a series of “Why” in her mind…

My advice to her is simple, “Why not change our mind?” “How blessed that we are able to support our lovely mother nursery fees!” When you are able to pay mean that you are financially sound.

Why should we bother whether our siblings are paying or not? It’s irrelevant! Why must we compare with others? When you are keep comparing and make judgement, you are the unhappy people. Why should you make yourself “Unhappy”? Why not just do our duty as daughter or son to be filial piety to our parent? There is no regret in our life as we do our best.

Think about, my friend’s grandma had 7 children, she is able to raise them, however her lovely 7 children unable to support an elderly mother. It’s not logic. It’s all depend on our priority in life.

Be filial piety to our parent while we still able to practice. Our life is given by our parent, they raised us up, without their love and care, we might no longer live until now.

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